Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sepetang Di KLCC

The last time I was in KLCC was a million Tyrannosaurus dinosaur years ago when I was still living in Pandan Jaya and was commuting to Shah Alam in my old not-so-trusty Satria via the Federal Highway for work and I was hemoraging money paying for gas and toll not to mention all those medications for high blood pressure because of the homicidal-suicidal traffic jam that shortened my life span.


Yesterday after my meeting was over, I decided to go to Kinokuniya to look for Annabel Karmel's baby food book when suddenly I was distracted by a gleaming, shinny, intoxicating sign that says





I felt diggy, my head was spinning and my heart palpatates with joy!

Bak kata Diyana "Haruslah meroyan kan?"

Oh boy what a way to blow all my hard-earned peanut-size pay! Yipeee!

So with mighty enthusiasm I marched into Marks & Spencer wanting to get meself shoes when I realised even with the massive discount I can't afford anything in there. You see, I have a pair of feet that resembles two gigantic paddles. I'm a (malaysian) size 10. So whenever I shop for shoes in M&S, I'm a size 7 and you have no idea what kind of a huge boost that gave me. Especially when it comes to clothes, I'm a medium in M&S and a HUMUNGOUS in stores like....Parkson or Jaya Jusco.

So I went to Vincci but it was packed to the brim. And I won't pay more than RM100 for a pair of shoes so where can a girl go to get nice cheap reliable chic shoes?


So what's the point of this entry? I have no idea.

I bought shoes, there you go.

So much for Beadah Jonet Gone Wild!


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