Sunday, May 31, 2009

Glory Glory Man United

Long overdue post.

Things I went through for my crazy fanatic devoted Manchester United husband, brother and uncle of mine.

and I went to get the ticket and the training pass for Manchester United game this coming 18th July 2009 at Al-Ikhsan Alamanda.

You boys owe me BIG TIME y'all.

We fought and battled and clawed for these babies.

Yes, fought and battled all those sweaty, smelly, epileptic men and clawed our way out of there in one piece.

And to think that I'm a
Liverpool fan.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sepetang Di KLCC

The last time I was in KLCC was a million Tyrannosaurus dinosaur years ago when I was still living in Pandan Jaya and was commuting to Shah Alam in my old not-so-trusty Satria via the Federal Highway for work and I was hemoraging money paying for gas and toll not to mention all those medications for high blood pressure because of the homicidal-suicidal traffic jam that shortened my life span.


Yesterday after my meeting was over, I decided to go to Kinokuniya to look for Annabel Karmel's baby food book when suddenly I was distracted by a gleaming, shinny, intoxicating sign that says





I felt diggy, my head was spinning and my heart palpatates with joy!

Bak kata Diyana "Haruslah meroyan kan?"

Oh boy what a way to blow all my hard-earned peanut-size pay! Yipeee!

So with mighty enthusiasm I marched into Marks & Spencer wanting to get meself shoes when I realised even with the massive discount I can't afford anything in there. You see, I have a pair of feet that resembles two gigantic paddles. I'm a (malaysian) size 10. So whenever I shop for shoes in M&S, I'm a size 7 and you have no idea what kind of a huge boost that gave me. Especially when it comes to clothes, I'm a medium in M&S and a HUMUNGOUS in stores like....Parkson or Jaya Jusco.

So I went to Vincci but it was packed to the brim. And I won't pay more than RM100 for a pair of shoes so where can a girl go to get nice cheap reliable chic shoes?


So what's the point of this entry? I have no idea.

I bought shoes, there you go.

So much for Beadah Jonet Gone Wild!


Monday, May 18, 2009


When I was asked by a friend as to whether do I have a blog, the answer that I gave her somehow shocked her to her core.

"You DON'T have a blog?"







"Twiwhat? I don't have Twitter"

................*cricket sound*......................

So you see, before I'm labelled a leper and cast away in some "Blogless-Fecebookless-MySpaceless-Twitterless-Land-Far-Far-Away", I think I owe it to myself to have at least a blog, yes?

And please, I'm still trying to figure out what in the world is Twitter. Even the cleaning lady 'twit' in between cleaning the windows and taking out the trash.

I feel obsolete!

So ok, really what do you bloggers write about?